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Zombie Storm is completely addicting shooting game fun.The undead are causing the usual problems, and in Zombie Storm it's time for you to step in and save the day. At your disposal is your trusty pistol, but soon you will upgrade to shotguns, machine guns, and grenades in your quest to put the undead back in their graves. In between missions, you'll stock up in the Upgrade Store, increasing the power of your weapons and armor. Then it's back to more zombie-shooting fun! With 19 levels and lots of different zombies, Zombie Storm is non-stop zombie slaying madness! Remember, you don't have to save all the citizens - you can pass the level if even one is left standing at the end. So find your favorite citizen and follow him around, blasting enemies that try to convert him to the undead. Mouse- Position gun. Mouse button- Fire, hold down for auto-fire. A/D Keys- Move left/right. S/W Keys- Move up/down. Arrow Keys- Move up/down/left/right. P- Pause Game.

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